Welcome to JinJaSurf.com, the home of 'JinJa' and the coolest place on the whole Island .
We're bringing you some of the Coolest Tees to be found this Summer and also our full range of 'Jinjastix' way too cool for words Stickers and decals including our brand New Latest Craze Family Decal to answer back Malibu's Major advertising Campaign... "WE GOT OUR ISLAND ON" Family Car Decals ...

The Concept is brilliant, you select one pair of Flip Flops to represent each member of your family, in either Cyan, Magenta, Black or White, and you can even personalise them further by having each family members name under each pair (up to 6 pairs) @ 50p a pair including names. The 'We got our Island on' Logo costs you £1.50 which means that the Decal above with 6 pairs of Flip Flops and the Logo would cost you a mere £4.50 , and we make up your personalised decal for the next days delivery...

Our Decals are precision cut from High Quality 5 year vinyl and look Brilliantissimo on your rear window

BEST OF ALL HE'S HERE!! HE FINALLY LANDED AND HE CAN BE ALL YOURS ... Our fabulous hand created by amazingly talented artist Louise Sedgwick of Spotty-Box.. THE MIGHTY SURFDUDE - JINJA HIMSELF!!

On his surfboard he measures approximatel 4" 10cm and is Limited Edition so get in touch immediately if you should want one of these ....

Some COOLIO JinJa's
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Got any cool JinJa Pics, feel free to email me them and we'll try and add them here to our Coolio JinJa Gallery

How Bad can it Be??

Ginger Wonder Syrup Original Tonic
World's Most Delicious and Versatile Health Tonic

Revival of an ancient Chinese recipe
Makes 24-48 cups of delicious tea or (herbal) ginger ale, instantly
Perfect condiment for stir-frys and marinades


Check out some of our exciting new products:

The Fabulous JinJaMinJ T Shirt in 5 Colours

Available in Black Blue Green Red or White

Only £12.50each


Or :: Fresh From Highland JinJa's wardrobe after winning the Caber Tossing Contest at the Highland Games

Available in Black Blue Green Red or White


Only £12.50each


Kids JinJa Surf Experience


Only £9.50 Each

A Bit of JinJa Candy

A Bit of JinJa Spice or a bit of JinjaRose McGowan take your Jinja Pick
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